6 Step Project Process


Step 1: LISTEN

It is our job to listen to your needs and desires for your home and make it a reality. In this first step, we’ll discuss, via phone call, your vision for your home and then briefly discuss a budget. If both parties agree that we are a good fit, we’ll move forward with a face-to-face appointment.


After our initial phone call, we will come by your home to visualize the future project, as well as discuss the budget in a bit more detail and answer any questions to ensure that you are ready and willing to take the next step.

Step 3: AGREE

After you have decided to take the next step with RHR, you will sign a Project Development Agreement (PDA) so that we can allocate the proper amount of time and effort to your project. A PDA involves taking measurements, photos, constructing the as-built drawing, and creating the conceptual floor plan. All these elements are crucial to the planning and formation of your job, and therefore deserve the utmost attention, which is the reason we have developed our PDA system.


Once we have reached this phase, it is time to prepare for construction. This involves signing a construction agreement, finalizing your selections, ordering materials, scheduling workmen, assigning a Project Manager, and determining your overall construction schedule. Once this is completed, we’re ready to build the home of your dreams!


Now we’re ready to build! During this time, it is our job to communicate, keep the job site clean, and build a quality home for you. We will schedule weekly meetings with you to make sure that we are effectively communicating with you.


At the completion of your job, we will give you your 2 year warranty and celebrate the completion of a successful project! At this time, we will also share some helpful hints that will help you maintain the work we have done.